Brigette’s interest in singing and the the performing arts began at 6 years of age in primary school, where she first started taking singing lessons, singing in a youth choir, and performing in school productions. When she was eight years old, she performed alongside Australian children’s entertainer, Peter Combe.
In high-school she played major roles in amateur theatre productions, such as Pan the Man and Jesus Christ Superstar. It was here that she won her schools 2007 Performing Arts Award. During this time, Brigette continued taking singing and dance lessons with Performing Arts Headquarters as well as facilitating classes in her local Karate dojo.
Over the last few years she has been working extensively as an industry mentor, working with Headspace to help young people enter the workforce. As someone who is committed to helping people realise their goals, Brigette is dedicated when assisting Vox students understand their singing ambitions and guiding a pathway to their success.

Brigette in full flight in a singing lesson.
Brigette has studied under both Rients and VSA Director Peter Vox.
Brigette is an accomplished Song Writer/Multi instrumentalist/ Producer and is currently performing in a local acoustic duo, Shrill Crow, singing both a mix of covers and original songs.
As a teacher, Brigette is patient, happy and calm, she is respectful of each students’ goals and is passionate about each success. She possesses an extensive vocal range, including whistle register, enabling her to sing and teach a variety of music genres including pop, rock, musical theatre, folk, country and alternative styles.
With more than 25 years worth of singing experience Brigette it is more than qualified to teach both adults and children, beginners to advanced.
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Brigettes Teaching Schedule:
Thursday – Dandenong Studio & Online (12 PM – 10 PM)

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