June 6, 2022


June 6, 2022

Singing is a vocal skill that requires time and effort to learn, and it is not anyone’s cup of tea, though it is true that everyone can sing! If you can speak, you can sing because you are using the same vocal cords to do both. People have different talents and different innate abilities to acquire different skills. A particular skill may be within one’s reach but not within another’s reach.

If you’re one of these lucky people who can sing well, then you should make sure that you’re doing everything you can to develop that gift and use it to your advantage. Here are some tips for those who want to develop their singing skills:

Vox Singing Academy student Marcus Bridge from UNFD Recording artists Northlane performing live on stage!

1. Warm Up Your Voice with Vocal Exercises

Warming up your voice before singing is a good way to get everything working smoothly and ready for action. This will help your muscles relax and become more flexible. You can also sing songs you’re familiar with where you can use the different parts of your voice. For example, you can warm up your voice by singing high notes, then try singing low notes, and finally, work on some medium notes. This way, you can use your voice in an easy and relaxed manner.
At Vox Singing Academy we ensure that all of our singers have correct technique and proper vocal warmup exercises.

2. Always Look for Opportunities to Sing

You don’t have to be in the choir or take regular singing lessons. If you know some songs that you’d like to learn, simply sing them by yourself without accompaniment. You can use a CD player, your laptop or mobile phone to record yourself. Record songs that are within your vocal range. After that, listen to the recordings to see if you can match the pitch and tone. You can also ask your friends and relatives to provide feedback when you sing your songs.

3. Practice to Improve Your Pitch

Singing in key or pitch is the number one cardinal rule to sound good as a singer. Have you ever heard people singing a song that is out of tune? Perhaps you’re the one who is singing out of tune. You should do something to improve your pitch. First, you can choose to listen to a song recording while you’re alone in your room. Avoid listening to the recording while you’re with your friends. You should listen carefully so that you can detect the pitch of the song you are listening to. Then, you can try to match the pitch of the singer in the recording by singing the song along with them.
At Vox Singing Academy we ensure that all of our singers are singing in pitch with specifically designed exercises to improve your ear.

4. Learn Good Breath Support

Good breath support allows you to sing longer and to sing bigger. It is important that you learn how to breathe properly. This can be done by observing the breathing of someone else while they are singing a song. After that, you can try to imitate the way the person sings by mimicking their breathing rhythm and the way the chest and diaphragm move.
Also have another blog on just breathing and numerous videos on our YouTube channel regarding the subject of breathing.

5. Practice to Improve Your Voice Control

There are many people who don’t know that you have to breathe properly when you’re singing, especially if you have to sing pop songs. If you have the ability to sing, you should learn how to breathe while singing. The next time you’re in your bedroom, try to breathe as you sing with the lights turned off. You must inhale when you sing high notes and exhale when you sing low notes. Practice each day so that you can get used to breathing while you’re singing. The more you do this, the easier it will be to sing. You can observe some singers who sing live in concerts. Try to watch how they breathe.

6. Work on Your Articulation

You also have to work on your articulation. Articulation is one of the important parts of singing. It helps you to pronounce words clearly when you sing.
The rapidity and slowness of your articulation may affect the pitch and tone of your voice. You can improve your articulation by reading the lyrics of songs and trying to sing them at a good pace. Avoid singing the song too fast or too slowly because this may affect your pitch and tone.
At Vox Singing Academy we give all students specifically designed Vowel scales to help articulation, pronunciation and diction for better singing.

Vox Singing Academy student Ben Stewart from UNFD Recording artists Slowly Slowly performing live on stage!


Singing may come from talent, but it also requires a lot of skill and practice to be really good at it. If you have the talent to sing, you should do everything you can to develop it. Only then will you be able to make the most of your talent and shine beautifully on the stage as you work your way to the top. With the right guidance and practice, you should be able to develop your singing skills.

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