July 27, 2022


July 27, 2022

Here at The Ultimate Online Singing Course, we believe your physical and mental health is important! Did you know numerous physical and mental health benefits come from singing lessons? Singing is a great way to stay fit and increase your lung capacity. Singing is also therapeutic and can help lower stress and anxiety levels.
Below are the top 5 benefits for your physical and mental health!


1. Singing is a WORKOUT!

Singing can be an excellent form of exercise! Even if you are fit and healthy, your lungs will get a great workout as you engage your lungs in proper diaphragmatic breathing and vocal techniques. Breathing is very important because your power, strength, projection, support, vibrato, and control all come from your diaphragm and breath support.

2. Singing increases your LUNG FUNCTION!

Just like swimmers and athletes, Singing increases your lung capacity!
By engaging your diaphragm and all the surrounding muscles around your ribcage you are training your lungs to use 100% of your lung capacity!
Singing has even been used to rehabilitate people recovering from lung conditions.

3. Singing enhances your MEMORY!

Singing requires you to focus on numerous things at once, such as memorising lyrics, vowel placements, breath support, and more!
All of these things engage both sides of the brain and promote mental alertness, memory, and concentration. Music is playing an important role in dementia care and helps to trigger old memories too!


4. Singing releases ENDORPHINS

Singing releases endorphins such as dopamine which are the feel-good chemicals in the brain! This has a direct positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Nothing feels better than singing your favourite song!


Singing is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress levels.
Whether you’re singing in the shower or along with the radio in your car we all know how good it feels! Music is therapeutic and helps to release muscle tension built up from high anxiety. Encompassing the deep breathing and vowel placement techniques helps drastically reduce the stress hormones cortisol in your bloodstream.


Learning to sing is a great way to improve your physical and mental health!
You will get a workout and improve your lunch function which increases the circulation of blood through the body and brain.
Singing increases your memory and helps you keep your mind sharp!
Additionally singing will keep you feeling good releasing all the good endorphins and helping you lower your stress and anxiety levels.

Final Thoughts!

So, if you want to improve your voice and enjoy all the health benefits of singing Vox Singing Academy Ultimate Online Singing Course is here to help!!
The ultimate online singing course is the most convenient, easy, fast and fun way to learn to sing! Results guaranteed in three weeks if you follow the courses instructions!
So come and unlock your full singing potential now along with thousands of others that have improve their singing abilities with Vox Singing Academy’s Ultimate Online Singing Course.