June 4, 2022


June 4, 2022

Everyone has a vocal range. While not all people have the efficiency to sing a proper tune, there are some who excel in their musical craft, all made possible by their wonderful voice.

That being said, identifying your vocal range is just a matter of knowing the different types of vocal ranges.

It is vital to note that you are more likely to be a specific type of singer, depending on your vocal range. For example, singers with a high vocal range are more likely to be pop and rock singers, while those with a low vocal range are more likely to be alternative rock, soul or jazz singers.

You can read on to find the different vocal ranges and which singer fits each. Take note that there will be examples of singers below and though preliminary analysis may state otherwise, some of their range changes depending on the timeline of their career and change in their singing style over the years.
All the vocal ranges listed below can also be seen on the piano diagram below the list of vocal ranges.

Ed Sheeran is a male baritone singer.


The Bass

A bass singer sings notes from E2 to E4 on the piano. All melody typically lies below this range, but basses can hit even lower notes on sustained vowels. The tenor range lies above the bass range. Some notable bass singers are Kemal, Barry White and Johnny Cash.

The Baritone

The baritone range goes from A2 to A4 on the piano. Most male singers are baritones. The list of baritone singers is endless. Here are some notable baritone singers Ed Sheeran, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel and Elton John just to name a few.

The Tenor

This type of vocal range goes from C3 or C5. People with a tenor range are considered to be tenors.
While there are not many famous singers with this type of voice, a few include Frederic Francois Chopin, Antonio Vivaldi, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, The Weeknd and Luciano Pavarotti.

The Countertenor

Is the highest male range and is often considered to sound like a female voice and is widely considered to be within the female range. This vocal range ranges from E3 to E5. Some more notable countertenors are Kangmin Justin Kim & Dimash Kudaibergen


The Contralto.

This is considered to be the lowest female range and ranges from F3 to F5. Some more notable contralto singers are Tracy Chapman, Nina Simone and Courtney Love.

The Mezzo-Soprano or also commonly known as Alto.

This vocal range is considered to be the middle female vocal range and spans from A3 to A5.
There are numerous famous alto female singers, including Adele, Amy Winehouse, Rhianna, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

The Soprano

The soprano range is the highest female range. It generally ranges from C4 to C6.
Some notable soprano singers are Delta Goodrem, Kate Bush, Mariah Carey and Céline Dion.

How Do I Identify My Vocal Range?

1. Ask the Help of a Professional

Once you have an idea of your vocal range, you can easily identify it.
You can also get help from a professional. Since every person is unique, every singer has a different vocal range. However, if you are a singer and want to improve your voice, you can ask a vocal coach for assistance. All of Vox Singing Academy’s teachers will be able to identify your range within one to 2 minutes by running through a simple vocal scale to see what your vocal range is.

2. Listen to Your Voice

Of course, you can listen to your voice to identify your vocal range. Be sure to listen to your voice with a recording app so you can hear it well.
You can also record yourself singing in a low and high tone.

3. Listen to Other Singers

If you have no idea what type of singer you are, you can listen to other singers and compare their voices with yours.
For example, you can listen to any music of the artist that you like. Do you have a voice similar to the singer? If yes, then you most likely have the same vocal range as the singer.

Adele is an alto female singer.


Now that you have learned about the different types of vocal ranges and you can easily identify yours, it is time for you to start practising.
Take note of all our pointers above and be the absolute superstar that you were meant to be!

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