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Regurgitator are an Australian pop/ electro/ alternative band formed in late 1993 by Vox Singing Academy student Quan Yeomans on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards; Ben Ely on bass guitar, keyboards and vocals; and Martin Lee on drums. Their debut studio album, Tu-Plang was released in May 1996; it was followed by Unit in November 1997 which was certified triple platinum. Unit won five categories at the ARIA Music Awards of 1998: READ MORE >>


Hellions started as a punk band from Sydney, formed in 2013 after the break up of The Bride, in which drummer Anthony Caruso, bassist turned vocalist Dre Faivre and guitarist/vocalist & VSA student Matt Gravolin continued under a different moniker.

DEAD LETTER CIRCUS – BMG Records & Rise Records

Massive huge thanks to Peter Vox for taking my voice to the next level, that it consistently needs to be at to be a great singer touring the world. Much love and respect! – Kim Benzie – DEAD LETTER CIRCUS – BMG Records & Rise Records

“Peter Vox, thank you so much for all of your vocal tips, hints and tricks.
Jake Taylor & Kyle Erich – IN HEARTS WAKE – UNFD / Rise Records”

Tom Gaynor, better known by his stage name AllDay, is an Australian rapper from Adelaide, South Australia. Allday became active in 2011, when Gaynor began uploading his music for free online. Following his works becoming increasingly popular, he moved to Melbourne to pursue a serious career.

ROB MILLS – Sony / BMG and Major Theatre Productions

Robert “Rob” Mills actor, television host and Australian singer-songwriter best known as one of the finalists from Australian Idol (season 1). He was a co-host on the late-night quiz show The Mint as well as a regular singer on the game show

AIRBOURNE – EMI / Capitol Records

“Peter is a master teacher. His unique ability to connect with you and get the best and most out of your voice is the true power of his teaching style. He gives you the gift of singing in whatever style and genre you want to sing.

He is also an absolutely amazing vocal coach. He will push you further and literally ‘higher’ than you ever thought you could achieve – both vocally and professionally.

As you achieve your singing goals, you will find you respect Peter’s ability to bring out the best in your voice, and will feel proud to win his praise and mutual respect.

Personally, I wouldn’t have known what to do without him! I would not have achieved the success I have or be where I am today without his vocal training, and I’m proud to call him my mate.”

Northlane – Capitol Records / Rise / UNFD

Northlane are an Australian metalcore band from Sydney, formed in 2009. The band comprises guitarists Jon Deiley and Josh Smith, bassist Alex Milovic, drummer Nic Pettersen and vocalist Marcus Bridge

MALLRAT – Universal Records/Dew Process Records

Mallrat aka Grace Shaw is a Vox singing Academy student and an up-and-coming hip-hop/dance/electronic star from Brisbane, Australia. She has one critically acclaimed EP out title “Uninvited”. She is a guest vocalist and songwriter on two songs on Allday’s new album “Speeding”…

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT  – Sony Music and LIKE THIEVES – Roadshow Records

“Peter knows more about my voice than i do, he has fine tuned areas of my vocal technique that needed work in no time at all, I only endorse peter and his techniques, simply put he is a ninja level voice specialist.

Peter has helped me so much in such a short space of time, do the work follow peters expert instruction and free your voice, it’s that simple get the best voice get the best teacher Peter Vox”.

– Clint Boge


Pseudo Echo are an Australian new wave band that formed in 1982 in Melbourne. The original line-up consisted of Brian Canham (vocals, guitars and keyboards), born 3 July 1962, Pierre Gigliotti (as Pierre Pierre) (bass guitar, keyboards), Tony Lugton (guitars and keyboards) and Anthony Argiro (drums)

CUTCOPY – Universal Music / Modular

Cut Copy (sometimes stylised as Cut/Copy) are an Australian electronic music band formed in 2001 by DJ Dan Whitford (vocals, keyboards and guitar). Initially a home-recording project, the band now includes Tim Hoey (guitars), Ben Browning (bass guitar) and Mitchell Scott (drums)


“Thank you so much for all of your help Peter Vox! Jacob Charlton THORNHILL – UNFD Records

THE CLOWNS – Shock Records

“Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance over the years. Especially, thank you for making me lay down on the basketball to breathe properly so I do not blow my voice out.
Stevie Williams – CLOWNS – Shock Records “


“Peter Vox. Thank you so much for guiding and steer me on to a much better path vocally.
David De La Hoz – BELLE HAVEN – UNFD/Rise”

CIRCLES  – Basick Records / Roadrunner Records

“To Peter, Your a true professional in all aspects of the business. Thank you for keeping at me and making me do all my scales, practice and driving me to continually chase my dreams as a truly great vocalist in a professional world wide touring band.”
– Perry K

ASH GRUNWALD – Black Market Music / Delta Groove Music

Ash Grunwald (born Ashley Mark Groenewald, 5 September 1976) is an Australian blues/soul/roots/ bluegrass musician. Ash had singing lessons at Vox Singing Academy with principal and headteacher Peter Vox in the mid to late 90s.

CLOSURE IN MOSCOW – Warner Brothers Records / Equal Vision Records

“To the great Peter Vox,
I want to sincerely thank you for taking my voice from a pauper to a prince. Hail to you the king!!!”
– Christopher De Cinque

DREAM ON DREAMER  – Capitol Records/UNFD

“Thank you so much for all of your help. Legend!” – Marcel Gadacz

“To Peter Vox – My Mr. Miyagi, Thank you for everything to do with my vocal development over the years! You had done an amazing job and took my voice and turned it into something that is beyond my comprehension! Much love Dude.
– Michael “Mcoy” McLeod”

“Peter!! You taught me how to be brave. I cannot thank you enough!
Alex Reid – DROWN THIS CITY – Bear Parts Music”

GYROSCOPE – Warner Music / Festival Mushroom Music

Gyroscope are an Australian rock band from Perth, which formed in 1997 as Gyroscope Sunday. The members are former Vox Singing Academy students Daniel Sanders as lead vocalist and on guitar, Zoran Trivic on guitar and backing vocals, Brad Campbell on bass guitar and backing vocals and Rob Nassif on drums

ELECTRIC MARY – Powerage / Shock Records / MGM

“Hey Peter. Thanks so much for the warm-up exercises. I’m in the middle of the 55th show in a 60-day tour of Europe with Divert River Radio and Electric Mary, and there’s no way I could sing every day without it. Thank you for your amazing work.”

LEE HARDING – The Voice, Australian Idol, Sony BMG Records

Prior to competing in The Voice Australia 2019 Harding was a member of a cover band named “Bedrock” who described themselves as a “party band”, with a repertoire of hits from the 1960s to the present day. Harding was quoted on his website as saying, “I’d been going to see them since I was 16. I saw them every single week so I knew every song when I joined Bedrock”.

What are you waiting for? Start improving your skills NOW and let Peter Vox give you the voice you’ve always desired!

CLINT BOGE – Modern Music / Roadshow Music / Sony Music

PARIS WELLS – Hall Or Nothing / Illusive Records

Paris Wells is an Australian singer songwriter based in Melbourne. She has released two albums and one EP. Wells has played at festivals such as Falls Festival, Big Day Out, Meredith and Sydney Music Festival. She has supported Justin Timberlake, Rod Stewart and Jamie Lidell on tour…

KING CANNONS – EMI / Capitol Records

“Peter! Thank you so much for all the singing coaching and scales exercises. Luke Yeoward – KING CANNONS – EMI/Capitol Records”

DUKES OF WINDSOR – EMI / Capitol Records

Dukes of Windsor were an Australian electronic rock group. Although formed in Melbourne, Australia, they were based in Berlin, Germany. They are notable for their single “It’s a War”, released in Australia in 2008 and in Europe in early 2010, as well as their song “The Others”…..

DREADNAUGHT – EMI / Capitol Records / Shock Records

“To Peter. Thank you for all your help. Rock on. Greg Trull – DREADNAUGHT – EMI/Capitol Records/Shock Records”

WHITE WIDDOW – Sanctuary Records

“To Peter and everyone at Vox. Thank you for all of your help, you have been absolutely amazing taking my voice to a professional level. Jules Millis – WHITE WIDDOW – Sanctuary Records”

SKYBOMBERS – Capitol Records

“To Vox. Thank you so much for everything! Hugh Gurney – SKYBOMBERS – Capitol Records “

DELLACOMA – Shock Records

DELLACOMA is an Australian/USA band. They are brash, explosive and hard hitting rock n roll band working tirelessly to blaze a trail thru the current cookie-cutter world of mainstream music. With a fresh and new feel yet familiar sound, a relentless work ethic and an exotic yet somehow natural formation (with 2 members hailing from Australia and 2 from Texas)…

ALARUM – Earache / Roadrunner Records

“Hey Peter! Thanks for all your help with my voice. Keep thrashing. Cheers. Mark Palfreyman – ALARUM – Earache/ Roadrunner Records”

THOUSAND NEEDLES IN RED – Sony / Roadshow Records

Thousand Needles In Red are a band in one of those unusual positions – which do occur occasionally, but are far from the norm – where the members are based in completely different cities and states…..

ZOOPHYTE – Shock Records

Zoophyte started bursting onto the scene in 2004, the band forged an enviable reputation as a blistering live act, which they followed up in the studio with their acclaimed 2007 album, Another Point of View. Lead single Better Days…

CONTRIVE – Contrive Music/Ditto

Contrive are a heavy metal band from Melbourne, Australia formed in 1999. Their musical style has been compared to that of Sepultura, Metallica, Opeth and Stone Sour.

Bjorn Again – The World’s No 1 ABBA tribute show!

Björn Again is a parody of the Swedish pop group ABBA founded in 1988 in Australia, but now involving multiple touring troupes performing under the Björn Again name. The show takes its name from Björn Ulvaeus, a member of ABBA, and a pun on the phrase “born again”……

BURIED IN VERONA – Capitol Records / UNFD

“To Peter. Cheers for getting my voice through everything. Absolute legend! Brett Anderson – BURIED IN VERONA – Capitol Records/UNFD “

What are you waiting for? Start improving your skills NOW and let Peter Vox give you the voice you’ve always desired!

Caroline Jayne

Caroline Jayne, Australia

“The VSA beginner Full online course is an amazing source of wealth of vocal information, vocal scales, how to take care of your voice, how to have fun & let other people enjoy you as an entertainer via stage presence coaching & song delivery. Working towards a VSA certification is an amazing feeling being in the moment knowing that I will have a certificate in my music portfolio reflecting my voice will be industry standard. This is why I feel Vox Singing Academy is so important for serious singers in Australia, and world-wide. The ultimate online course has dramatically grown my voice, confidence & ability. So when I stand there onstage, infront of a camer, my family & friends with a microphone in hand I can rest assured that they will be delighted too.”


Adam Warburton, Australia

“I highly recommend the ultimate online singing course. It has been really fun, easy to follow. and convenient. I have been doing the vox singing online full courses for a couple of months now and started to really notice a big change in my all round technique and tone. I’ve been able to sing in my higher range more comfortably and I have developed a lot more confidence in my singing abilities.”


CAL MACLAY – Thailand

“Peter has turned my voice from something that wasn’t very good into something that is approaching respectable – all in just the few short months that I have been studying with him doing our online real-time singing lessons via Skype/Jitsi. It goes to show that if you practise the special ‘cry’ scales, and other scales he gives you, every day you will make a huge progress even if you have no ‘natural’ talent.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn or improve their singing ability!”


AMANDA GORDON – Online Singing Lessons with Peter Vox

“To Peter,
I had a rehearsal with jazz band today as we are performing on Mother’s Day at a local vineyard. Your lessons are making such a difference already. Just a few small changes and the sounds are really coming out so much stronger. Feeling very excited!!
– Amanda”



“I always wanted to be a singer but I didn’t know the first thing about singing. Getting lessons with Peter Vox was the best decision I could have made! Peter tailored his lessons to my voice and has given me the technique and the confidence to take my music to another level. I can tell that he genuinely wants me to achieve my goals – It’s obvious in his diligence, his attention and his effort. Thanks for everything Peter!”



“I walked out of my very first lesson with Peter feeling like a better singer. My goal is to turn my passion (music) into my livelihood, and Peter is assisting me in achieving this by helping me to improve my voice with each session. He is able to quickly identify any issues with my voice and helps me to work on them immediately with appropriate vocal exercises. He is also able to break down and analyze any song that I bring to him to work on, and even to suggest appropriate songs for me to practice in order to help me to improve on certain aspects of my voice. My singing lessons with Peter have been a wonderful experience so far.”

Cam bird


“I’ve been through a few vocals coaches over the years and never found someone who really ticked all the boxes as a coach until I met Peter.

Peter has made singing so much more enjoyable for me, has helped me with weaknesses I couldn’t possibly face along and turned them into strengths and most of all has helped show me how effortless singing can be.

Highly recommended for any singer who wants the best out of themselves and voice. Thanks Pete!”

What are you waiting for? Start improving your skills NOW and let Peter Vox give you the voice you’ve always desired!