Singing on Pitch: Why I’m I Flat & How To Fix It!!

May 6, 2022

Singing on Pitch: Why I’m I Flat & How To Fix It!!

May 6, 2022

If you want to be a good singer, you must know how to sing on pitch. Singing in tune makes music and singing sound good because there’s nothing that can compare when you hit the correct notes and sound great.
So, if you want to learn how to sing in tune, you should learn how to improve this skill and develop a better musical ear. But first, you have to determine why you are singing flat.

Why Are You Singing Flat?

To know how to sing on pitch, you should first figure out why you are singing off-pitch. There could be many reasons why you’re flat, such as singing with a strained and breathy voice, not enough diaphragm breath support, incorrect muscle contraction and most common, sliding to and not hitting the right notes in the melody, among other reasons.

Some of the reasons that you might be singing flat are:

* You focus more on the tune rather than the notes
* You have too much pressure when you sing.
* You lack control over your voice.
* You have difficulty maneuvering your vocal cords.
* You have too much muscle tension.
* You’re singing song that is too high for your vocal range.
* you’re sliding to the notes instead of hitting them.
* You’re not able to hear yourself.
* You are singing with a strained voice
* You’re not focusing on the correct notes.
* You have a nasal tone.
* You’re using too much air.
* Your muscles tighten when you sing

How Can You Know If You Are Singing on the Right Pitch?

You might be singing on the right pitch, but you might not know it because you can’t hear yourself singing. To find out how well you’re singing on pitch, you need a reliable pitch reference.

A pitch reference is a tool that helps you know if you have your pitch right. The tool can come in the form of a pitch pipe, or you can use a piano, a musical instrument or a recording of the song you are singing to be your pitch reference.

If you want to do a quick test, check the pitch of your voice against your pitch pipe. A good pitch pipe sounds like a whistle, and you should hear a similar sound when you sing. If you can’t, you might need to do vocal warm-up exercises and practice singing on pitch.

It is also a good idea to record yourself singing and listen to where you might be sounding off. Try to diagnose if you are singing too high or too low on the notes that don’t sound great. Try to practice singing these notes correctly and record yourself after a few days to see if you have improved.
If you haven’t improved it may be wise to have some singing lessons.

How Can You Stop Singing Flat?

Here are some things you should note to stop singing flat:

1. Practice Your Tone

If you want to sing on pitch, you need to have a rich and full tone. If you’re having problems with your tone, you can address that by focusing on vocal warm-up exercises, and you can also improve without having to strain your voice.

2. Practice Every Day

If you want to stop singing flat, you should practice every day. You can do just a few simple warm-up exercises and sing along with your pitch reference. Doing it regularly will help you become a better singer and help you improve your tone.
Singing along with the original artist as a soundboard is a great way to improve your pitch. When you think that you are singing well with the artist then go and sing with the karaoke track and record yourself to reference off.

3. Don’t Push Yourself

If you try to push yourself when you sing, you might sing flat, particularly if you are trying to sing a high song that may be out of your range. Possibly picking a lower song.
You should take it slow and focus on your breathing. Build up your breath slowly, and then continue singing.

Final Thoughts.

Singing on the pitch is the number one cardinal rule vital for any vocalist, and most people can do it well with practice. Use the advice in this article so that you can sing on pitch. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and if you want to become a good singer, you can also consider singing lessons to help you get better.

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