Ultimate Vocal Warm-ups and Cool-downs

Ultimate Vocal Warm ups and Cool downs 

This course is designed for both male and female singers wanting to obtain the knowledge and techniques to correctly warm up and cool down the voice before and after practise & singing. You will be guided through numerous vocal exercises to correctly warm up your voice and body to ensure great vocal health is maintained. 

Ultimate Vocal Warm Ups and Cool Downs is your professional guide on how to correctly and effectively warm up and cool down your voice and body. This course will give you specifically designed scales and exercises to ensure that before you start singing you will have 100% confidence that your voice is completely warmed up to give the best vocal performance possible.  Correct diaphragmatic breathing and support techniques will also be covered in this course.

We recommend that if you are new to singing or your voice needs improvement that you start with the Beginner or Intermediate course. Please see our Full Course section for more information.

Total Duration 22 minutes
Scales Duration 15 minutes

$14.95 per Month