The Ultimate Vocal Workout for Strong Falsetto

The Ultimate Vocal Workout to Develop a Strong Falsetto Voice.
This course is designed for both male and female singers who desire to expand their vocal range to it’s full capacity by utilising their falsetto voice.

Learn falsetto vocal techniques implemented by singers such as:

• Coldplay
• Radiohead
• Adele
• Mariah Carey
• Whitney Houston
• Sam Smith
• Prince
• The Righteous Brothers
• Ariana Grande

The Ultimate Vocal Workout for Developing A Strong Falsetto Voice includes scales that are designed to expand your falsetto range to it’s absolute limits. These scales will develop the flexibility to transition smoothly between your true voice and falsetto and back again without any embarrassing cracks or breaks in your voice. You will also be taught specific diaphragmatic breathing exercises to strengthen your falsetto and give you control and support over your falsetto voice.

All exercises and instructions are done with vocal health and safety as a priority.

We recommend that if you are new to singing or your voice needs improvement that you start with the Beginner or Intermediate course. Please see our Full Course section for more information.

Total Duration 20 minutes
Scales Duration 18 minutes

$14.95 per Month