The Ultimate Vocal Workout to Expand and Strengthen Your High Range

The Ultimate Vocal Workout To Expand & Strengthen Your High Range

This course is designed for both male and female singers who have a desire to hit those high notes and expand their current vocal ability.
Learn the high range vocal techniques implemented by artists such as:

• Christina Aguilera
• Beyoncé
• Aretha Franklin
• Jessie J
• Michael Jackson
• Bruno Mars
• Adam Levine
• Queen

The Ultimate Vocal Workout To Expand & Strengthen Your High Range includes a variety of vocal exercises all designed around expanding and strengthening your high vocal range. Upon completing this course you will gain the vocal freedom, in both your true and your falsetto voice, to sing high notes comfortably and with ease. Additionally this course contains exercises to warm your voice up to ensure consistent performance results. You will also be taught diaphragmatic breathing exercises to give you control and support of all high notes.

All exercises and instructions are done with vocal health and safety as a priority.

We recommend that if you are new to singing or your voice needs improvement that you start with the Beginner or Intermediate course. Please see our Full Course section for more information.

Total Duration 19 minutes
Scales Duration 15 minutes

$14.95 per Month