How To Achieve and Maintain Expert Pitch

How to Achieve and Maintain Expert Pitch – This course is designed for both male and female singers who wish to enhance their musicianship by fine tuning their ear and pitching abilities so you sing the right notes all of the time.

How to Achieve and Maintain Expert Pitch – includes an array of specifically designed scales and techniques so that you can learn a variety of different pitch exercises and ear training techniques. We guarantee that with practice these scales will improve and enable you to obtain perfect pitch, assist your ability to hear and distinguish notes and help your overall musicianship. You will also be taught specific diaphragmatic breathing exercises which are essential for developing and maintaining excellent pitch.

All exercises and instructions are done with vocal health and safety as a priority.

We recommend that if you are new to singing or your voice needs improvement that you start with the Beginner or Intermediate course. Please see our Full Course section for more information.

Total Duration 1 hour & 12 minutes
Scales Duration 1 hour & 10 minutes

$14.95 per Month