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The Entry Level Course is designed to provide a fun and interactive step-by-step guide for beginners, or those with no formal singing training. Comprising of six sub-courses you will learn:

• How your voice operates and works.
• Demonstrations and instructions on how to correctly breathe when you are singing.
• What vocal register you are e.g. Baritone, Tenor, Alto or Soprano.
• How to select a song to complement your voice
• How to work through and break down a song for maximum singing effectiveness, including execution and interpretation of songs.
• 28 different vocal scales designed to teach you a wide range of new vocal skills that will make you a better singer and achieve results fast.
• General vocal care and correct warm-up techniques.
• Your practice regimen – what to do and how long for.
• What to and not to eat and drink.
• Stage presentation
• Microphone technique

We guarantee that upon completion of this course your voice will…

• Feel Stronger
• Have more stamina
• Have both lower and higher registers improved
• Gain confidence
• Have more control over notes
• Have obtained basic diaphragmatic breath control and support
• Ability to change from true voice to falsetto
• Learn basic stage presentation
• Learn Microphone technique