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The Advanced Course is designed to provide a fun and interactive step-by-step guide for the more confident or advanced singers wanting to expand their arsenal of vocal techniques, knowledge, and to take their voice to the next level.

Some of the topics that you will study and cover in the Advanced level course.

  • 25 Advanced vocal scales each focusing on more in depth and advanced techniques.
  • 8 Advanced VBC (Vocal Breath Control) scales – each designed to focus on using your diaphragm to gain ultimate control, power, projection, support and vibrato.
  • How to do & use mixed or blended high voice.
  • How to do & use vibrato.
  • Advanced rhythm and timing training.
  • How to sing with distortion safely.
  • Advanced performance and tour preparation.
  • How to sing safely with a cold or flu.
  • Advanced pitch and ear training.
  • Advanced stage presentation, microphone technique and crowd interaction.
  • How to break down a song for maximum singing effectiveness, including execution and interpretation of songs.
  • Advanced warm-up techniques.
  • Guidance on choosing advanced songs to best suit your voice.
  • Preparing for your Advanced Course examination.(Optional)

$39.95 / month

We guarantee that upon completion of the Advanced course you will have….

  • Great vocal strength.
  • Increased vocal range.
  • Possess greater vocal power.
  • Greater control when projecting.
  • Great control over notes and transitions.
  • Great vocal stamina.
  • The ability to hear and distinguish pitch to an advanced level.
  • Advanced knowledge regarding vocal health and safety.
  • Understanding of vocal distortion techniques.
  • Awareness of the physical condition of your voice.
  • Advanced harmony knowledge.
  • Advanced stage presence and crowd interaction techniques.
  • Advanced microphone technique.



Module 1

Total duration – 56 minutes
Scales duration – 54 minutes

  • Your advanced vocal practice regime;
  • Guidance on choosing advanced songs;
  • Working through and breaking down an advanced song;
  • Advanced diaphragmatic dual breathing techniques;
  • General fitness and body awareness for an advanced singer;
  • Advanced course 1 scales work out consisting of 9 different scales.


Module 2

Total duration – 1 hour 21 minutes
Scales duration – 1 hour 21 minutes

  • Connecting your break, mixed voice and your true voice seamlessly to falsetto;
  • Vibrato, where and how to use Vibrato consisting of 3 different scales;
  • Advanced course 2 scales work out consisting of 6 different scales;
  • Advanced 2 VBC (vocal breath control) scales work out consisting of 4 different VBC scales;
  • Pitch and ear training – a host of different ear training scales.


Module 3

Total duration – 1 hour 33 minutes
Scales duration – 58 minutes

  • Keeping time and rhythm training;
  • The art of applying diaphragmatic breathing techniques into songs;
  • Module 3 scales workout – 4 different scales;
  • Module 3 VBC (vocal breath control) scales workout – 4 different scales;
  • Module 3 distortion and husky vocal workout – 3 different scales;
  • Preparation before a performance or touring;
  • Advanced stage presentation;
  • Crowd interaction and connecting with the audience;
  • Microphone stand presentation;
  • Working the stage;
  • Preparing for your advanced course examination.

Total Advanced Course Duration – 3 hours 50 minutes minutes
Total Advanced Course Vocal Scales Duration – 3 hours 13 minutes

After completing these 3 Advanced Course modules you should feel greater vocal strength, be able to sing a lot higher and lower, have more power, projection, stamina in your voice. Have great pitch, be able to sing when you are sick, have a good understanding about the how your voice feels and what physical condition it should be in to perform at your peak. Great holding and support of all notes, great control and movement from one note to the next, great harmony abilities, great microphone technique, stage presentation and crowd interaction, great breathing and breath control, and 100% confidence in your voice to sing and present songs of your choice to a fantastic standard.