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PLEASE NOTE that this is THE OFFICIAL Vox Singing Academy examination and certification process! This examination and certification process is completely different and independent to the quiz examinations that you can complete yourself at the end of each full course and print your own certificate once completed.

The Official Vox Singing Academy Examinations are not compulsory though we highly recommend that you undertake them so that you have the knowledge, peace of mind and a full understanding of your voice and vocal abilities.

Examinations should be undertaken once you have a full understanding and have worked through the entire course.

Please note that there are 2 examinations for the beginner and intermediate courses as there are 2 levels to these courses and 1 examination each for the advanced and professional courses.
We recommend that you have the vocal ability to execute all of the skills and scales that are contained in the course to a very good level before you sit your examination. There are NO time restraints on how long you can study the course for. We highly recommend that you take your time, learn and master each individual technique of the course before moving to the next section.

More information regarding examinations

Examinations are only conducted for The Complete Each Full Courses only! Examinations for custom courses are NOT available.

You’ll be prompted to take mini quizzes or tests during the courses to evaluate your knowledge and skills. You will be rewarded with either a badge or mini certificate upon completion and passing the quiz. Once you have successfully completed and passed all quizzes in that particular course you will be able to sit the official Vox Singing Academy examination.

The examination process takes around 1 hour to complete and is done privately face-to-face online. You will be examined by a qualified Vox Singing Academy teacher at a pre-arranged time.

1. The examination process will start with the teacher testing numerous random scales from the particular course that you have been studying.(the number of scales in the examination depends on the course examination that you are sitting)This is also a great vocal warmup for your song/songs that you will be perform after your scales examination.
2. You will then sit your song recital/examination. (the number of songs you will sing depends on what course examination you are sitting. You can use backing tracks or accompany yourself on guitar or piano. You can perform cover songs or your own compositions) Lyrics to your song/songs have to be e-mailed to your teacher one week before your examination. The song/songs must be sung all the way through and be no less than 2 minutes and no longer than 6 minutes. Stage presentation and microphone technique will be part of this examination.

Some points that your teacher will be looking for during your scales and song examination will be, correct pitching of notes, correct technique and mouth placement, correct breathing, volume control and variances, control of notes, expression and tone of voice.
3. Written or multiple-choice theory examination on topics that have been covered in the course. (the number of questions and length of time for the examination will depend on what course examination you are sitting)

Finally the teacher will email you a written report on the above 3 components of your examination. If you have sufficiently passed by Vox Singing Academy standards you will receive an Official Certificate Of Completion From Vox Singing Academy for that particular course.

If you didn’t pass the teacher will email you an assessment of what you will need to work on to successfully pass your re-examination.
The examination fee is $49.95 and a re-examination fee is $39.95 if you do not pass your first initial examination. Examination fees and times must booked and paid for 2 weeks prior to your examination.

SPECIAL OFFER! FREE professional examination if you have completed and passed all beginner, intermediate and advanced course examinations.

Note. Private online real-time lessons are available to assist students prior or post examinations. These lessons must be booked and paid for prior to commencement of lessons.

So what are you waiting for? Start improving your skills NOW and let Peter Vox give you the voice you’ve always desired!

“Just the thought of singing and performing on stage used to cause crippling anxiety. Now, with the help of my teacher Emily and Vox singing academy I’m not only performing regularly, I’m loving it too! My voice has improved dramatically and my confidence is through the roof. I can only think that i should have done this years ago.
Thank you VSA!”

 Eric Ell