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The Entry Level Course is designed to provide a simple, fun and interactive step-by-step singing guide for beginners, or those with no formal vocal training. Discover the joy of singing!

The Intermediate Course is designed to provide an easy, fun and interactive step-by-step guide for those with basic or formal vocal training or those wanting to take their voice to the next level. Develop your unique voice!

The Advanced Course is designed to provide a fun and interactive step-by-step guide for the more confident or advanced singers wanting to enhance their techniques, increase their knowledge and take their voice to an Advanced level. Excel on stage and in a studio!

The Professional Course is designed to provide a fun, in-depth and interactive guide for the more confident advanced singer, who has the passion and desire to develop their voice to the highest professional level in the industry. Become the best of the best!

Testimonial From Peter Vox's Student- Ying Yang


You are about to embark on a fun and exciting journey into the world of singing with Australia’s Premier Vocal Academy with the founder, director and principal teacher, Peter Vox.

Right here is the complete life works of Peter Vox with over 36 years of experience in the music industry and more than 24 years of professional teaching experience in the art of delivering premium quality singing lessons to students all around the world.

Peter has always wanted everyone to be able to afford the highest-quality singing lessons. Now this is available!

Vox Singing Academy was established in 1993 and is a member of the Australian National Association of Teachers Singing Inc. (ANATS), National Association of Teachers Singing (NATS – USA), and The Australian Voice Association (AVA).

Peter Vox has studied under some of the world’s most renowned singing teachers and vocal coaches, learning numerous singing methods (including Speech Level, Bel Canto, Opera and many other contemporary techniques). He has extracted the best and most crucial techniques from all of these methods and developed his own innovative and extensive vocal coaching syllabus with over 10,000 different scales and techniques.

Possessing a huge 5+ octave range and being an accomplished songwriter, Peter Vox can teach you all modern contemporary vocal styles ranging from Pop, Rock, RnB, Musical Theatre and Jazz to Alternative, Soul, Metal and Screaming.

Peter and his team’s dedication to our students is unparalleled. All VSA teachers are all truly committed to inspiring, motivating and encouraging all students, while giving continual guidance and support. Peter hand-picks and trains all singing teachers ensuring that his knowledge, passion and innovation is passed on to his team, so that every student’s unique vocal journey is fulfilled.

With dedication and practice Peter Vox guarantees to give you the voice you have always dreamt of with his easy step-by-step vocal lessons. No pre-requisite vocal skill or ability is necessary to start! If you can speak – you can sing. All you need is the desire to learn and have fun, plus internet – and all this wealth of knowledge is all yours to stream anytime, anywhere in full HD!

All scales are recorded for both adults and children, male and female voices.

So, what are you waiting for? Start improving your skills NOW and let Peter Vox give you the voice you’ve always desired!

“Peter. Thanks so much for the warm-up exercises. I’m in the middle of the 55th show in a 60-day tour of Europe with Divert River Radio and Electric Mary, and there’s no way I could sing every day without it. Thank you for your amazing work.”