May 13, 2022


May 13, 2022

When you hear someone talking about mistakes singers commit, you might immediately think of sharp or flat notes, forgetting lyrics, and things of that nature. While those are indeed some blunders, there are other mistakes singers could make that if they do commit might lead to other problems.

Here, one of the most trusted academies for vocal training in Melbourne shares what those mistakes are:

Mistake #1: Not Drinking Enough Water!

Trying to sing while dehydrated might just be the worst thing you could do because dehydrated vocal cords aren’t only uncomfortable, but they can also be damaging to your voice, especially if you exert yourself too much. Water helps lubricate the vocal cords so that they vibrate evenly together without friction. So, if you want to avoid doing that, you better drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and soda as much as you can.

Mistake #2: Skipping Warm-Ups

You might be anxious to go on stage and start singing, but if you do that, you’re putting yourself at risk of losing your voice. Before performing, you should ALWAYS warm up your voice so that you can avoid damage and strain.
It is also a good idea to cool your voice down after you sing.

Mistake #3: Eating the Wrong Types of Food

While it might be tempting to eat your favourite food or drink some sweet soda before you go on stage, doing that will only make you pay for it later. You’re better off if you avoid eating any kind of food at least three hours before you perform because it can make you feel uncomfortable, plus you need to keep your voice clear of any kind of obstruction.
Avoid spicy foods as they can burn and irritate the vocal cords.
Avoid consuming dairy products as they can cause phlegm that will make it harder for your vocal cords to vibrate evenly together without constantly clearing them.

Mistake #4: Practising Too Much

You should look into taking vocal lessons because they might not only help you improve your singing, but they’re also going to help you avoid making mistakes. Over practising might be something you don’t think could be a problem, but if you do that, you might damage your voice, so it’s a good idea to call a vocal trainer if you want to learn how to improve your voice quickly and efficiently.
Practising singing techniques incorrectly will ultimately waste your time and stop you from achieving your singing goals.

Mistake #5: Having Poor Posture

If you want to sing well, you need to have a good posture not only so you can stay comfortable, but also so you can sing by using your diaphragm instead of your throat. When you’re singing, you should be looking ahead and keep your body aligned relatively straight like you have a piece of thread attached to the top of your head pulling you straight up.
Keep your eyes looking straight ahead and do not lift your head up and down when you are going for high notes. Keep the rest of your body relatively relaxed except for your diaphragm which is doing all the work to support the right amount of breath pressure underneath your vocal cords when singing at all times.

Mistake #6: Talking Too Much

If you want to minimise the risk of making mistakes, you better learn how to avoid talking too much before you perform. Although it’s only natural to want to tell everyone how excited you are when you’re going on stage, doing that can only make your voice tired and also expose you to the risk of vocal fatigue. It’s better if you only keep your voice clear and ready for singing.
Try to avoid excessive speaking and singing during the day of the performance.
If you have a soundcheck before a performance it is a good idea to warm your voice up and avoid singing for long periods during soundcheck.

Mistake #7: Ignoring Health Issues

If you’re in the midst of a cold or if your throat hurts, you shouldn’t be surprised if you start struggling to hit notes. Whether it’s a cold or allergies, anything that affects your throat and larynx can make your singing performance suffer, so better to see a doctor if this happens.


Singing is a great way to express yourself, but you need to be careful if you truly want to be successful. Avoid making mistakes like the ones mentioned above and your singing career will soar in no time. It’s also a good idea to start taking vocal lessons in Melbourne or abroad. These will not only make you a better singer, but they can also help you avoid vocal fatigue/exhaustion and damaging your voice.

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