May 23, 2022


May 23, 2022

Developing a new skill is an essential part of life, whether it is something to further your career or simply for personal development. For instance, you should consider taking voice lessons to brush up on your singing skills. With the right voice teacher, you can start working towards your singing aspirations with a very small or large like singing in front of your friends at karaoke all the way to writing, recording and performing in front of a large audience.

Nowadays, you can make voice lessons easier by doing them online, worldwide, anywhere, any time. If it’s something you want to consider, here are some easy tips to help you maximise your private singing lessons.Being

A Vox Singing Academy Online singing lesson in action!

1. Be as close to your Wi-Fi router as you possibly can!

Being as close to your Wi-Fi router as you possibly can to receive the strongest signal to have the best quality singing lesson that you possibly can is imperatively important.

2. Choose the right room more space for your lesson!

Choose a space or a room where you can sing without inhibition and with confidence even if you’re not sounding that great.
Be in a well lit room so the instructor can see you clearly.
And a room that does not have a lot of reverb. We recommend that you be in a living room or bedroom. Doing your lessons in a bathroom or anywhere where that is is the reverb like polished floor boards, tiles, mirrors or shiny surfaces that will create reverb will not help your classes as this makes you sound better and louder than what you actually are.

2. Prepare Your Headset and Microphone

The most important thing you must do before starting your online voice lessons is to make sure you have all the tools you need. This includes preparing a headset and microphone.
A good headset is your best bet. It allows you to hear the instructor clearly and speak loudly and clearly. As for the microphone, consider buying a good USB microphone. It will make it easier for the instructor to hear you, and it will make it easier for you to adjust your voice as you see fit.
HOT TIP! The latest desktop computers have a fantastic built-in cameras and microphones so these may be suffice with great Wi-Fi connection!!

3. Choose a Device with a Large Screen

You will likely be taking your online voice lessons on a computer or laptop. If that is the case, you should make sure you have a device with a large screen.
For instance, a 15- to 17-inch laptop computer or the largest screen possible is a good option. It will give you plenty of room to see the instructor’s videos and other learning materials.
HOT TIP! Though a good quality large phone will also work well as long as you can see and hear your instructor clearly.

Director and principal teacher Peter Vox giving an online singing lesson!

4. Arrange a Proper Camera Placement

After you pick out your technology, you should arrange a good setup. Remember, you will be taking your online voice lessons through a webcam, so you must place your webcam in a good location.
Try to place it in a position that directly faces you. The instructor will have a clear view of you and what you’re working on.
When singing or doing scales in the class it is a good idea to stand and have the camera head height and stand about 1 foot away from the camera.

5. Sit or Stand?

There are two main ways people learn, and either will impact your comfort level during the online voice lessons.
Some people learn better when sitting down, and others learn better when standing up. If you fall into the latter category, make sure you have a suitable standing desk you can use while you’re taking your online voice lessons.
HOT TIP! At Vox Singing Academy we highly recommend that you sit down whilst you are doing any theory work so you can be relaxed and highly recommend that you stand when you are doing any of your practical scale or singing work so that your diaphragm and core in properly activate.

6. Prepare a Backup Internet Connection

There is no question about it; internet connections break down from time to time. It stinks, but if you want to get the most out of your online voice lessons, you have to be prepared.
With that in mind, you should have a backup internet connection. That way, if one connection goes down, you can swap to the other and stay connected to the instructor.
HOT TIP! If you do not have a backup Internet connection available you can always use your hotspot off your phone.

A student doing a Vox Singing Academy Online singing lesson!

Final Thoughts!!

Taking voice lessons is a great way to improve your voice. No matter what type of voice lessons you decide to take, you should prepare yourself by ensuring you have the right equipment, a good setup, and a backup internet connection. Additionally, you should consider doing THE ULTIMATE ONLINE SINGING COURSE to improve your skills.
The ultimate online singing course is the most convenient, easy, fast and fun way to learn to sing! Results guaranteed in three weeks if you follow the courses instructions!
So come and unlock your full singing potential now along with thousands of others that have improve their singing abilities with Vox Singing Academy’s Ultimate Online Singing Course.