May 27, 2022


May 27, 2022

Voice coaching and singing lessons can be a big benefit for everyone, not just professional singers. But sadly, people dismiss the idea of getting voice lessons because of some misconceptions surrounding it. Luckily, we’re here to debunk these misconceptions so you’ll have a better understanding of what voice coaching and singing lessons actually entail.

Vox Singing Academy teacher Rients giving a singing lesson to a beginner student.

Misconception 1: Voice Coaching Is Only for Your Singing Voice!

Singing is probably the most common and well-known form of voice coaching. After all, it’s the reason why most people seek lessons in the first place, so it’s natural to believe that voice coaching is only for singers who are looking to produce a beautiful, resonant sound. But the truth is that voice coaching can help with many other voices, too.

Your speaking voice is just as important as your singing voice. It communicates your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Therefore, having a clear and pleasant speaking voice will help build your confidence and make a good impression on others. Singing and speaking voices have a lot in common, as they utilise the same vocal cords, muscles, and body parts. Therefore, voice coaching is beneficial for both of these types of voices. At Vox Singing Academy we teach not only singers but also voice actors, actors, public speakers, politicians, personal trainers, coaches, lecturers and auctioneers.

Misconception 2: You Need to Be a Professional Singer to Take Voice Lessons!

Another myth that people believe is that voice lessons are only for professionals. If you’re interested in getting voice coaching, you don’t have to be a professional singer to take lessons.
If you have a strong interest in improving your voice, you can take voice coaching as an amateur. As an aspiring singer, you can still take lessons to help you learn more about your voice and how to maintain and improve it.
At Vox Singing Academy we noticed that beginner singers benefit the most from singing lessons the quickest if they apply the skills, scales and practice the teacher is asking from them.

Misconception 3: Voice Coaching and Singing Lessons Cannot Fix Someone That Is Out of Tune

This is another common misconception about voice coaching. People assume that teachers can’t help them if they’re already singing out of tune. What they don’t realise is that voice experts are trained to help singers who are already producing a bad tone.
Professional coaches focus on helping you achieve pitch, quality, and clarity in your singing. So, even if you’re off-pitch right now, the right coach can help you learn to sing the right pitch. Of course, this will require practice. However, with the right instruction, you can learn to sing correctly, in pitch and in the right key all of the time.
Vox Singing Academy has developed specific ear training exercises and scales to greatly improve any singers with pitching difficulties.

Beginner student singing in class!

Misconception 4: You Don’t Need Voice Lessons if You Can Already Sing in Key!

Some people believe that people who are able to sing in key don’t need any kind of instruction. But even though you may be able to sing in key now, it doesn’t mean that you’re singing well. It’s possible to sing in key without producing the desired quality of sound.
Even if you’re in tune, you may not know how to position your mouth to produce a beautiful tone. You may be aware of the right notes to sing, but you may not be aware of the right places to sustain those notes. These are just a few examples of the many things your voice coach can teach you to help you improve your singing.
And remember, even the best singers still take singing lessons and coaching to improve their technique and maintain what they already have.

Final Thoughts!

Overall, voice coaching is a great way to improve your singing. If you’re interested in learning to sing better, don’t make any assumptions about voice coaching. Instead, talk to an expert about what you hope to achieve and let them guide you in the right direction. You might be surprised at how much your voice can improve after only a few lessons.

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